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The Güllepumpe – highlights of an era

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The CX-meetings in Schwäbisch-Hall from 1998-2000 – now on one DVD

The Honda CX 500 is more than a motorcycle, and more than a cult object – The CX is a symbol of an era of motorcycle construction in which mobility was combined with endurance, reliability and honest craftsmanship. Unfortunately, she has become something of a rarity these days. It is therefore great that there are a number of CX owners who enjoy joining likeminded people for the CX meetings.

CX 500 riders are now members of the select circle of bikers able to attain a DVD featuring their cult motorbike.

Fred Ilger, film producer, cameraman and CX-rider, has now remastered the original videos produced between 1998 and 2000. The films have been re-edited to include archive footage, as well as technically restored.

This top-quality DVD presents 80 minutes of Honda’s cult classic bike in all its many variations, from its original appearance through to CXs barely recognizable as such.

BONUSTRACK: Slideshow of various CX Models.

German and English
TV-Standard: PAL
Released in September 2007
€ 20.,- incl. 20% VAT (plus € 10,- postage and packaging)