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The Güllepumpe – Fred Ilger and his films

Riding the CX 500 is almost a mystical experience for me. It only takes a few meters to cast off the weight of the everyday and be at peace with myself and the universe.
With the CX one always knows one is sitting on a powerful machine. One neither has the vacuum of the dual-valve motors, nor the feeling of being in a car with only two wheels.

Thats why I choose to ride the CX, despite the motor deficiencies.

To be honest: if we still rode, would we all ride 140 HP bikes? (The many motorcyclist deaths are terrible…)

The Güllepumpe – a vehicle with personality, well-formed the way men like it; a far cry from the angular alien from another galaxy.

By the way: I am annoyed with Honda. They never built a CX with 900 ccm. Who needs a chained up Varadero monstrosity?

Thats the reason for the CX 500, and for this DVD.

Particularly in „im Auftrag der Güllepumpe REMIXED“ we are taken on a journey into the magical world of honest motorcycle construction by the voice of DYLAN WHITING.
Of course, not without some humor to remind us that we are all a little mad because we worship a hunk of metal – but a hunk of metal with special powers!

I hope my films succeed in transporting the viewer to another world – the world oft he CX 500.

Fred Ilger, June 2007

P.S. And if aliens should ever land on earth and find a copy of the Güllepumpen DVD in some heap of rubble, you can be sure they will think to themselves, “those human beings were weird, they moved around on very strange heaps of metal.”